Here are some areas where I can make a difference for you and your firm:

Managing Talent

  • Does your firm have the right strategy and criteria for selecting laterals?
  • Are you losing lawyers you want to keep?
  • Do you need to improve how your firm manages performance problems?
  • Do you attract the caliber of applicants you need?

Individual or Team Issues

  • Do you have a brilliant lawyer who needs to “play better in the sandbox?”
  • Does your firm use its practice groups to increase business results?
  • Do your Baby Boomers, Gen-Xer’s and Millennials work together seamlessly?
  • Do you have a partner who needs to leave the firm?
  • Do you have a “problem team” who do not work well together?

Your Firm’s Culture

  • If your firm has multiple offices, do they operate as one firm?
  • Does your firm have morale issues, quality problems or need a “kick start,” but you’re not sure how best to tackle this?
  • Does the money your firm spends on training and CLE drive your firm’s success?
  • Does your HR staff deliver significantly more value than they cost?

Major Events and Crisis Management

  • Are you merging with or acquiring another law firm?
  • Has someone complained they were sexually or racially harassed by a person in your firm?
  • Does your firm need to reduce staffing?