I work differently than the others…

I know it’s not about me.  Your success is my success.

I approach my work the way a lawyer approaches clients.  I need to understand the problem, the context within which it arises, the people involved and what the firm wants to accomplish before I start developing a solution.

I believe that every problem can be solved.  And every solution must work within the law firm’s reality if it is to be effective and successful.

I know that most people in leadership positions at a law firm got there for a good reason.  So I capitalize on the strengths of my client while bringing my own experience and perspectives to bear on their concerns.  Together we can achieve more than either of us can accomplish alone.

I operate with integrity and respect for every person.  I expect that my clients will do the same.

People are imperfect and sometimes they make mistakes.  When that happens, we can acknowledge it, fix what went wrong, learn from it and move forward.  That applies to everyone.

I know that Managing Partners, Executive Directors and Human Resources Managers operate under enormous pressures.  So I work with each client in confidence and make myself available around the clock in case the urgency of your situation requires that.

I will always give you my best advice, even if I anticipate that you may not like what I have to say.