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I Couldn’t Have Said It Better…

Former Big Firm partner and now author Steven Harper has a history of articulating difficult truths about how many law firms have been losing their way.  If you are a managing partner and dismiss Harper’s most recent blog post as being off-target, I strongly encourage … Continue reading

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“You’re nothing like most consultants!”

Last weekend I was honored to be the luncheon speaker at a large law firm’s annual partners’ retreat.  Of the 175 lawyers there, I may have met about 10% of them before my presentation.  Immediately after I finished, a lawyer … Continue reading

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Lawyers treating lawyers badly

       When I began practicing law, all I really hoped for were:  A few partners to take an interest in me as a budding attorney and as a young adult—people who were genuinely interested in my success and would be … Continue reading

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If Dayton gets it….

Don’t think of Dayton, Ohio as an old, sleepy place.  The Dayton Bar Association certainly isn’t.  Earlier this month at its annual Diversity Day, the DBA broke new ground by inviting Karla Rothan, Executive Director of Stonewall Columbus, the “visionary, … Continue reading

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In the best interests of the firm…

                There is more significance to Husch Blackwell’s 6% revenue increase during 2012 than first meets the eye.  Am Law Daily, Jan. 16, 2013.   While many other national and regional firms’ long-term sustainability is threatened because some partners are allowed … Continue reading

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Quality Control Can Kill Two Birds

When Seyfarth Shaw hired me fresh out of law school, one of the first rules I learned was that all written work had to be proofread by a secretary who did not type it.  As a partner explained, “Everything leaving … Continue reading

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Quality Control is Next

When I auditioned law firms that wanted Procter & Gamble’s business, I always asked, “How does your firm manage quality?”  However, I never received a satisfying response.  The economy is changing that, and smart firms should be developing systems for … Continue reading

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