What I Do

I help small and large law firms around the country manage the people aspects of their operations, regarding both their attorneys and their non-legal staff.  I focus on how firms can build their strength by deriving greater value from the people they are already paying.

But I don’t work like those consultants who come with prepackaged solutions they want you to adopt.  Nor will you hear me use the jargon of a human resources professional.

I work like a lawyer who brings to your office a unique mix of management skills and experience.  During three decades as Procter & Gamble Company’s Associate General Counsel for Labor & Employment, I earned the reputation as the advisor top management wanted on their team when they faced their toughest personnel and organizational challenges.  My advice ranged from how to integrate the employees of an acquired company to managing the prima donna whistleblower or the alleged harassment victim.  Recognized as one of the best people managers in P&G’s global legal organization, I coached many lawyers about handling difficult personnel situations.  And from spending millions of P&G’s dollars with law firms around the country, I gained rare insights into what works well in firms and what doesn’t.

A fresh set of eyes often can see things differently, especially when that person brings the dispassionate objectivity of an outsider.  My goal is to leave your firm with a sustainable improvement that should deliver value well after I’m gone.  I am confident we can collaborate powerfully to help move your firm to a better and stronger place.  Think about what is keeping you awake at night, and then let’s talk.

Marc Krass

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